NZGAP Social Practice add-on

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Pilot audits underway | 17 August 2020

NZGAP has been working with industry, retailers and regulators to finalise the NZGAP Social Practice add-on module which meets both regulatory and market expectations. The significant progress update is that potential privacy issues, relating to auditor review of employee records, have now been resolved. Employers will be required to develop a privacy policy and make it available to workers.  It is also recommended that a privacy clause is inserted into all new Employment Agreements going forward. NZGAP has developed templates for these which are currently being trialed by some growers.  NZGAP is currently undertaking pilot audits to complete final tests of the certification and audit processes. Feedback from these audits will also provide an opportunity to make any final improvements before the full launch over the coming months. 

Next steps:
Businesses can now register for the NZGAP Social Practice add-on module, and can be audited alongside their next NZGAP audit, or as a stand-alone to meet a market deadline. Those certified to GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP or SMETA (Sedex) already meet many market and regulatory requirements, but may opt to register for the NZGAP Social Practice add-on (currently no additional cost) to demonstrate local market or regulatory compliance. 

NZGAP will be in contact with all those registered to social practice, once the documents and process has been finalised and then an audit can be scheduled.

For any queries, please contact


NZGAP Contractor Standard - Coming soon | 16 March 2020

NZGAP will soon be launching a new Contractor Standard for those providing services for NZGAP or GLOBALG.A.P. certified growers. The standard has been established to support growers with providing assurance to relevant markets, regulators and consumers regarding food safety, and the welfare of workers in the horticulture industry.
The NZGAP Contractor Standard has been benchmarked against the relevant GLOBALG.A.P. questions, meaning the audit outcome can readily integrate into a grower’s GLOBALG.A.P. or NZGAP audit.  The Contractor Standard also includes the NZGAP Social Practice add-on which has been developed in alignment with GRASP, however with an increased emphasis on local market requirements and alignment with NZ employment law.

Growers seeking the services of approved contractors will be able to search them on the NZGAP public register which will be available with the launch of the new programme.


Launch of Online Self-Assessment Questionnaire | 15 March 2019

NZGAP has launched ‘Phase One’ of a new compliance programme covering social practice. This new NZGAP programme is a pathway for growers to provide assurance to both markets and regulators that NZGAP certified businesses operate within the legal framework for employment within New Zealand and maintain standards on worker welfare. NZGAP has been working directly with the regulators and industry in the development of this new programme.

Phase One is a self assessment questionnaire that covers primarily employment law and good practice to:

- Help with the development of the programme
- Get grower feedback
- Build industry baseline for social practice compliance.

Register for the NZGAP Social Practice Self Assessment.

Phase Two is audited as an ‘Add on’ to your NZGAP audit. The standards will be benchmarked to internationally recognised social practice standards as well as covering employment law.



Online Self-Assessment Questionnaire | 15 January 2019

NZGAP has been working with key industry stakeholders to develop a New Zealand based social practice add-on, benchmarked to both New Zealand employment law, market requirements and internationally recognised social practice standards. The self-assessment questionnaire will be available to NZGAP certified businesses, (including contractors) in the coming week. This launch is the first in the two phase development process towards the launch of the final auditable 'Add on' programme, which will be made available in April this year.

The questionnaire is designed to support growers to provide assurance to both regulators and markets who are requiring greater transparency through the supply chain on worker welfare in the horticulture industry. For more information on this new NZGAP prorgamme and if it can apply to your business, see Social Practice page , email or phone 04 470 5867.


Development of Social Practice Phase 1: Self Assessment | December 2018

Over the last 12 months (2018-19), NZGAP has collaborated with key industry stakeholders; central government, retailers and wholesalers to establish a new 'Add on' programme to cover worker welfare. The new standards are carefully developed to be accepted by industry, globally recognised by benchmarking to international standards and credible locally by also benchmarking to New Zealand legislation on employment, wages, health and safety, human rights and immigration.

NZGAP is launching the NZGAP Social Practice Standards 'Add on' in two phases this year (2019): 

Phase One:
 Online self assessment Questionnaire; shorter checklist that focuses on New Zealand legislation,
Phase Two: Add on Standard, audited during your scheduled NZGAP audit. The standard is benchmarked to both New Zealand legislation and an internationally recognised social practice standard.

The new standards will be available to all NZGAP certified businesses including growers, contractors, wholesalers and transport operators. Established to support Horticulture businesses provide assurance to both government and buyers requiring greater transparency in the supply chain on treatment of workers in the Horticulture industry. The phase one questionnaire will be launched in the coming week. 



GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) is an add-on to a GLOBALG.A.P. audit covering employment law and worker rights on farms.

Growers that supply European markets may be required to complete social practice audits in the near future, with a number of wholesalers and retailers in Europe requesting certification to the GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) scheme for the coming season. GRASP is an add-on to a GLOBALG.A.P. audit, which involves an 11 point checklist covering employment law and worker rights on farms. NZ’s National Technical Working Group is developing guidelines covering our local employment laws which will be used for all GRASP audits in New Zealand, which are anticipated to be available from October 2016.  The certification requirements for social practice differ between markets, so growers are advised to speak with their exporters and marketers to understand if they require GRASP certification. Certification Bodies can provide advice on how GRASP audits can added to a GLOBALG.A.P. audit. Download an informational PDF here , with more to be published over the coming weeks as guidelines are finalised.     This presentation also provides some more detail about the new GLOBALG.A.P. programme.