NZGAP is governed by the NZGAP committee which has been established as a sub-committee of the HortNZ board.  


The HortNZ Board re-constituted the NZGAP Committee on, in December 2016 as a sub-committee of HortNZ under Rule 14 of the HortNZ Constitution and Rules. The HortNZ Board delegates governance of NZGAP to the Committee with the exception of the following HortNZ board functions :

a) Appointment of two members of the NZGAP Committee 
b) Appointment of the NZGAP Committee Chairperson 
c) Final approval of the annual budget for NZGAP 
d) Final approval of the NZGAP Terms of Reference 

NZGAP Committee

Name Position  Email Phone
Bernadine Balle-Guilleux Chairperson (HortNZ Appointed) 027 493 4005
Adam Jory Vegetables NZ Inc. 021 369 157
Allen Lim Elected Grower 027 282 8567
Linda Flegg Elected Grower 021 458 782
Kirit Makan Elected Grower 021 967 641
Kate Trufitt Elected Non-Grower 027 809 9779
Mathew Bannister Elected Non-Grower 021 222 0393
To be confirmed Independent    
The Committee is made up of:
  • Two positions appointed by HortNZ (one grower and one nominated Vegetables NZ),
  • Five positions nominated and elected by members (at least three growers), and
  • One independent position (recommended by the Committee and appointed by HortNZ)  

NZGAP Terms of Reference 


The NZGAP Terms of Reference define the purpose, objectives, finances and structure. The NZGAP committee terms are specified including roles and responsibilities of the HortNZ Board, the HortNZ Chief Executive, the NZGAP Committee, the NZGAP management team, Technical Advisory Groups, and the Members. 




Members of NZGAP are the groups and associations affiliated to Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) under Rule 7 of the HortNZ Constitution and Rules.

Foundation Members:

The following groups are also foundation members as they supported the establishment of NZGAP: 
  • NZ Apples and Pears
  • NZ Asparagus Council
  • NZ Avocado Growers Association
  • NZ Citrus Growers
  • NZ Feijoa Growers Association
  • NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated
  • NZ Passionfruit Growers Association
  • NZ Tamarillos Growers Association
  • Onions NZ
  • Persimmons Industry Council
  • Potatoes NZ Incorporated
  • Summerfruit NZ
  • Tomatoes NZ
  • Vegetables NZ Incorporated

Other Members:

  • Blackcurrants NZ Limited
  • Blueberries NZ
  • Central Otago Fruit Growers Association
  • Ettrick Fruitgrowers Association
  • Gisborne Produce Growers Association Incorporated
  • Hawke’s Bay Asparagus Growers Association
  • Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers Association
  • Hawke’s Bay Vegetable Growers Association
  • Horticulture Canterbury Growers Society
  • Katikati Commercial Growers Society Limited
  • Katikati Fruitgrowers Association
  • Kerikeri Fruitgrowers Association
  • Motueka Fruitgrowers' Association
  • Moutere Hills Fruitgrowers Society
  • Northern Wairoa Vegetable & Produce Growers Society
  • NZ Boysenberry Council Limited
  • NZ Buttercup Squash Council
  • NZ KiwiBerry Growers Incorporated
  • Ohakune Growers Association
  • Organics Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Otago Vegetable & Produce Growers
  • Process Vegetable Product Group
  • Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Association Incorporated
  • South West North Island Asparagus Growers Association
  • Strawberry Growers NZ Incorporated
  • Taranaki Vegetable & Produce Growers
  • Tararua District Growers Incorporated
  • Te Awanui Huka Pak Limited
  • Te Puke Fruitgrowers Association
  • Teviot Fruit Growers Association 
  • Waikato Asparagus Growers Association
  • Waikato Fruitgrowers Association
 Associate Members:
NZGAP Associate Membership is for growers/organisations that are engaged with the NZ Horticulture industry and wish to demonstrate their support for the objectives of the NZGAP programme.

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