Social Practice Add-on                  

Enabling growers to demonstrate they meet both locally and globally recognised social practice standards.

New Zealand is not immune to cases of worker exploitation. Consumers (therefore retailers), are now requiring assurance for social responsibility in a similar way that food safety (GAP) certification has been required by most retailers over the past 20 years. The benefit for growers is that multiple market and regulatory requirements (e.g. Food safety, Environment, Social Practice, Health and Safety) can be managed in one effective assurance system, meaning reduced costs and complexity for growers while delivering the same outcome of safe and sustainable horticulture produce.

Latest news

Regulatory and Market acceptance:

NZGAP has recently been accepted as pathways for growers to meet requirements of the Food Act. In a similar way, NZGAP is working with the Labour Inspectorate for regulatory acceptance of this Social Practice add-on, as well as monitoring compliance progress of the industry in the area of social practice. NZGAP is working with the major wholesalers and retailers on the development and implementation of this add-on to meet their expectations.

Who it is for:

NZGAP certified businesses are provided with the option to include the Social Practice Add on as part of their NZGAP certification. The Social Practice add-on will also be available to labour contractors so growers have confidence that the contractors they employ are meeting the relevant market and regulatory requirements.

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