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NZGAP Mutual Recognition

This November 2018, NZGAP has launched a new programme to recognise GLOBALG.A.P. Certification under the new NZGAP "Mutual Recognition" Certification Policy. 

Growers can achieve NZGAP certification via their GLOBALG.A.P. certification because of NZGAP’s GLOBALG.A.P. benchmarked scheme (NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent).

NZGAP certification facilitates more effective traceability in the local market (using the NZGAP number), provides a pathway to register under the Food Act 2014, and enables growers to access NZGAP’s many other services and add-ons. Some local markets require the NZGAP number on certain prepacked products from 1 December onwards, so please register now to continue supplying those markets.

Food Act

What do growers need to do?

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Annual Reports

NZGAP Activity Report 2018

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1st Dec 2017 - NZGAP's GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent standard has been successfully benchmarked to GLOBALG.A.P. v 5.1

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NZGAP Future Focus - Technology Report

New Zealand GAP is aware that we are at the beginning of a technology revolution, and is anticipating and planning for a phase of rapid change is this area.

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GLOBALG.A.P. adds new social practice programme

GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) is an add-on to a GLOBALG.A.P. audit covering employment law and worker rights on farms.

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